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Well Hello Gorgeous....

I've been waiting for you, the Age of Aquarius, for a long while.... been worth it too, every minute.

As a card carrying Aquarian, I am always delighted for this time of year... everything just runs smoother for me while I'm basking in the light of my sun sign. Having said that, this Aquarius season is particularly sparkly, as we are moving into the astrological dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This time is referenced in many cultures and through many lenses. The Great Turning, the Return the the Golden Era, to name but a few. Prophesied , prayed for, and deeply supported, this my friends, is going to be a great party! Things are going to get weird, in the most wonderful way.

In celebration of all of this, I decided to start a years worth of monthly giveaways with the Water Bearers. So, how will this unfold, you ask? You can nominate yourself. For some signs, this will be hard, for some it will be easy... Lets see how Aquarius fares. If you nominate a friend who is an Aquarius, you will also be in the mix for the Giveaway, and could each be gifted a Channeling Journey. In both cases, make a comment on the monthly Giveaway post, sharing what is BEST about this sun sign, follow Loves_Shaman on Instagram, join the blog mailing list at Estrella Munay. (EDITED: - YOU DON'T HAVE TO FOLLOW ANYONE OR ANYTHING IF YOU DON'T TRULY WANT TO, sent from the heart of Aquarius headquarters <3 )

Alright, let's get this Sparkling Party started... cue the Unicorns !

wishing you every blessing,


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