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Wanna Play ! ? !

This Beauty Stone Relative came to me from the magical Heart of Peru...

& a beautiful story about connection, relationship and care came with her.

On a magical journey through the Sacred Valley, I picked this Chrysocolla heart up at a market table on my way down from hiking a sacred mountain in the Andes. I just couldn't put her down, and felt so drawn to say yes, and take her along on my trip & then homeward. On the ride back to our accommodations this stone fell out of my pocket in the back of the cab. When I realized what possibly had happened I thought, well, in spite of how much I wanted her, maybe she wasn't mine to keep?

Later that evening our guides received a message from the cab driver through a local friend letting us know that he was working on getting this beautiful stone back into my hands. He had recognized one of our guides in the group & started reaching out through a web of connections in an effort to find me. In the end the Chrysocolla heart went through somewhere between 7 & 9 people to get to me Passed from hand to hand, with care and intention. And with Love.

When I held her in my hands again I was absolutely delighted, and deeply touched. I felt in awe of what she now carried. Already sparkling to begin with this stone was now charged with a whole other level of medicine. The medicine of love, choice-full action and community.

To this day, this beloved arté (helper in Quechua) has a revered place on my Mesa (altar), where she comes forward to help with particular matters of the Heart. She comes forward to when magnificent healing is called for. She comes forward when there is a sense of being outweighed by the obstacles. She comes forward when something kind of slightly impossible seeming is being called in.

All that to say....

A couple of nights ago my Team came in with some really lovely messages for me, and encouraged me to share these ideas. It feels clear to me that this chrysocolla heart is connected to what came through. Given all the tumultuous change we are all going through during these times, it doesn't surprise me that she is involved... Many of us are experiencing times of great stress, separation, and disconnection. The need for a web of Love is great.

My Team was speaking with me about Bliss and the ways we can arrive in a blissful state. They illuminated the effects of a Bliss state, and noted that it is "good medicine for current times". They were also saying that Love is a wonderful way of connecting with Bliss. They proposed a fun way to do this & I will share this invitation with you now.

They called it the "I love you" game... Most of us have someone we can say "I love you" to. A person, living or passed, a four legged, living or passed, a place, close or far from us.

How many days in a row can we say "I love you" , and how many beings can we say this to?

The aim of the "game" is to say it to as many people, for as many days in a row as possible.

Taking a moment beforehand to return to the Great and Eternal home of our Heart, connecting to the magnificent Love that lives here, soaking up the goodness of this and then expressing this out into the world. It might be that you say this in person, or whisper it into the wind. You might make a phone call, leave a hand written note, send an email, text or make an emoji offering. You might form a group of folks who want to build this resonant field with you, or you might be a solo player, offering Love up anonymously. There is no wrong way to do this. Having said that, be sure your receiver has consented if you want to communicate person to person. If it's love sent through the either, then we can be sure their Highest Self would welcome Love).

Imagine issuing this love note with as much embodied present connected emotion as possible, then send this medicine off into the world to do it's good. And yes, be playful... it could turn into a song sung, a sparkle card, or a mandala of Love... who knows what kind of fun and funny ways there are to say I Love You.

I was shown how this simple, playful practice could "tip the scales" so to speak... materializing & landing Love into our 3 dimensional world, literally giving it form and gravity, expanding & growing the bandwidth of LOVE. Creating a web reverberating with Love. An expanded bandwidth of LOVE has many benefits, including more access to Joy, Bliss, Grace, Compassion, Truth, Light, all the good things and more...

Sounds sweet and easy way to me, so I'm in! And I would love love love it if you would join me in this curious playful experiment!

I would love to extend this invitation to you as well. Should you be called to join in, be playful with it, have fun, make it juicy <3

sending blessings to all & oh, before I go,

I love you ;) ..... game on!!!




If you find that amazing miraculous lovely things ensue, please drop me a line, I'd love to hear about it ....

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