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Trillium Medicine

Walking in the woods today I noticed the magnificent chorus of voices, all the plants and life, singing their unique medicine songs. I began to listen and noticed a song in particular that stood out . It was from the beautiful trillium. As I listened they sang of spring, and the purity of a new blossom, they dang of the joyful newness of Spring. Then, as I stayed listening, they began to tell me about the deep medicine they carry. They hold the energetic vibration of The Holy Trinity. Acting as a bridge, they aid in connecting the lower, middle and upper worlds, bringing unity. They also support healing throughout the linked past, present and future timelines. So full of luminosity and grace, these beautiful beings, I was so grateful to receive this teaching.

Awed by this magnificent gift of teaching, I knelt down low, so I could say thank you and breathed in the scent from the blossom. I had never before experienced this and was amazed at how potent the little blossom was and then recognized the scent amidst the bouquet of spring in the forest.

If you have never breathed in the scent of a trillium, do yourself a favor and go find one. Get down on your hands and knees and experience this. I won’t begin to try to describe the scent, but let you know it for yourself.

Also, if while reading this you get an internal "ping" and feel the need for support from this plant, I have created some flower essence from this generous beauty. This way of working with plants is safe for everyone, as the alchemical process transmits the energetic vibration of the plant into water, which is then mixed with alcohol or apple cider vinegar (*I use the latter). So the end result doesn't carry any of the actual plant matter, simply the vibrational frequency of the healing the plant has to offer. So, win win for everyone <3

If you feel called, check out my little shop at Estrella Munay or on my new booking site with the Jane app (such a cool system!).

* all work with plants is done with the deepest of care and reverence. I keep an eye on the ethics of sustainability, my heart on the relationship with the plant, the land, and Spirit as I work. I ask not only for permission but wait to hear a direst invitation before harvesting. Sacred offerings are made and deep prayer is carried out throughout the process.

Wishing the deepest of blessings for all and every one,


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