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Times of need....

In times where prayer is most needed (which appears by all accounts to be now) several of my teachers have told me that Song is a high form of prayer. Humming also, even if you don't know the words. Humming is something that the masters of the Magdalene line have practiced,a humble, unobtrusive, potent medicine offering.

I have taken to wandering the woods, singing every medicine song I know. Songs shared with me from the Indigenous community, Songs from my own nation of the Irish, Songs from the traditional Peruvian Shamanic Traditions. These songs help carry our prayers, our sorrows, our heartfelt wishes to the highest realms, and they also reverberate through our bodies... Our sacred vessels. The physical organisms that carry us around, interacting and informing our outer world.

I hope you find a song, that helps during these incredibly intense times. Look to your community, reach out, ask, listen.

A couple of places to check out :

The Heart of the Healer

Kosmic T

Sami Brothers

Not all Indigenous Medicine songs are for taking, or singing, or sharing. The following Indigenous medicine songs are offered via YouTube, so available to all

Strong Woman Song Lisa Muswagon and Raven Hart-Bellecourt

Anishinaabe bear song

Sending my whole heart, and the deepest of blessings to all,


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