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This little light of mine * * *

Given all that is happening in our personal and collective worlds, I have been calling out to my Team, asking for guidance and direction. As always, they are there for me, deeply supportive of the mission I carry to be in service to the Light, one held by so many beautiful hands and hearts.

It has come to my awareness that it would behoove me greatly, in the mighty month of November, to do my honest best to align with the spectacular and Holy Being that is The Creator of All that Is.

Connecting to our great and beloved Creator is healing in itself.... a field full with Mercy, Love, Grace, Compassion, Truth.... & all the sparkling energies our Souls resonate with. I don't know about you, but during these times, this is something I need more than ever.

So, November...

The guidance I received was to fill my self with the Goodness that comes from The Creator of All that Is. I am told that this will flow over into my life, my relationships, my community, my ancestral lineage, my children's children's children's futures. The call is to intentionally and purposefully create the world I wish to live in. We have all heard the saying "Be the change you wish to see in the world"... the operative in this sentence is BE. Be Love, Be Mercy, Be Kindness, Be Justice. Be Joy, be curiosity, be Compassion. Be Grace. We can be open and willing vessels for these Divine Energies, as they are waiting for the opportunity to infuse us with their Medicine. Choosing this allows these high frequency energies to permeate our very being, lighting up our very cells, into the tiny bits. This changes us.

One of the ways we can do this, is BE together... bless. We can meet up with other sparkling folks and support, and be supported in kind. We can have fun, and play together, explore and laugh, be vulnerable, and feel and witness, be witnessed... share and learn, and love. We can consciously be in the field of all this that is offered by our loving and benevolent Creator. In service of that, I will be opening up an offering I have made in the past as it brought great Joy into my life, & will also put forward a new offering.

Sparkling Lights Unite

Sundays, November 5th - 26th, 6-7 pm online

In this gathering we will create a sacred container and I will offer a channeled journey at the beginning from our Teams in support of our Sparkle! We will also engage in sharing practices that delight, support, and light us up! So definitely a participatory experience. Feel free to bring practices, stories, songs, poetry... whatever floats your sparkling boat!

The Joy Luck Club

Wednesdays, November 8th - 29th, 6-7 pm online

(instead of Nov 22 we will meet on Thursday the 23rd of November)

In this gathering we will create a sacred container, and engage in sparkling contemplation with one of the four energies offered as focus points (the list of words is channeled prior to the gathering). The word of the night will be introduced, we will be guided through a short journey into communion with this energy field, and then will share our observations and experiences with the fields we discover. In the past this has been a deeply nourishing, generative, and beautiful experience that brings joy and elevation

These offerings are supported by a sliding scale, so you can choose to reciprocate with a donation or receive it as a gift, in accordance to what your system feels most harmonized with. Please know that receiving this as a gift can be as potent as making payment in reciprocity. I trust that all that goes around, comes around and that the Universes "books" are balanced. For those who feel called to make a gesture of reciprocity, e-transfers to are welcomed.

It is in the spirit of Love, guided by Light, and held by the Goodness that dwells in the Heart of Our Great Mother that I make the following offerings. They are windows of opportunity to explore, connect, grow our inner embers. Through this we may build the great inner flame we wish to have warming our bodies, illuminating our minds, elevating our hearts through the guidance of our Souls Sparkling Light.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if you know someone who might be keen, feel free to forward this note. Feel free to attend one, all, or some combination thereof... Pre-registration is required, so drop me a line within 24 hours of the start time and I will send you a link!

sending every blessing,


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