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The Heart of the Great Mother...

One of the greatest experiences of my life to date is that of being a Mother. There are not enough words in all the languages known to humankind to fully describe the breadth and depth of this experience for me. I have said before, and will likely say again; my daughter, she is the most beautiful. thing I have ever seen. Ever.

I have also said that during our life together, starting somewhere near conception, she has broken my heart over and again. I fell so deeply in love with her that Love filled my heart to the brim, & then broke my heart wide open, so there would be room for more love. This pattern of growing, filling, breaking open and expanding has continued for all of our time together. We are currently mid way through our third decade together, and my heart continues to grow, fill & break wide open to make more room for loving her, and consequently, everyone else as well.

In contemplating Love, and it's scope, I am staggered... If I, a mere human, love like this, then what is the scope of the Great Mother's Heart?

Many times I have sat with this contemplation, often when times are rough, and the suffering of my own & the world has overcome me.

In this conversation I have received many answers, much healing, as well as deep insights. The last round of leaning into this contemplative question gifted me a message with so much gravity I felt compelled to share, in service of us all, in a time when many are asking, in the face of overwhelming, frightening, and heartbreaking circumstances, What Should I do?

Just yesterday I became aware of an action that "Team B" (as I lovingly refer to them, aka, the dark side) has publicly announced that they will be engaging in. One that is experimental, unethical, non transparent, and my spidey senses tell me, has nefarious underpinnings. Upon hearing about this action, my nervous system informed me that there is great risk of harm here, my Heart also responded, letting me know that something sacred is a risk. In a moment of anguish & care, I called out to my Team and The Great Mother came to support me. Her message was clear, answering my earnest question; What can I do? .

Return to Her Heart.

Take refuge in Her.

Be enveloped in Her.

The original pulse is the heartbeat of our Mother; one of Love, Light and Wholesomeness. Her Heartbeat brings protection, healing, Mercy and Grace... Alignment with Love Herself.

What I can do is offer my ever willing Heart to be in service of Her Heart, in service of a Love so Grand it has no rival. I can become a broadcasting beacon of Love, Her Love.... a love that knows no end, no opponent, and no reality other than LOVE. This is the most loving and aligned response I can fathom, allowing me, through Grace, to return non love with Love.

My Team has often told me, when I inquire about potential future timelines, that many things are possible. The timelines that become probable, and then inevitable are the ones we give gravity to. It becomes real when we walk it, talk it and embody it. We can choose through our own free will, and there is great potency in this. From where I stand, it feels so right to choose Love.

Thusly, I will be engaging in a responsive ceremonial offering. Through breath, intention, guided meditation/journey, song, & prayer, I aim to embody and then broadcast my freewill expression of Love. Freely offered out to the entire multiverse, everyone is welcome to receive the benefit of her Beauty, should they feel inclined.

It has yet to be decided if this will be an online, or in person gathering, and also flexible are the dates. I am prepared to be responsive to those who wish to be a part of this.

The options include October 3rd in the evening (6-7 pm), October 4th 11 a.m.- noon, the 10th 6-7 p.m., and 11th 11 a.m.- noon as well.

Should you wish to join me, you would be most welcome. Feel free to be in touch if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on this with me.

( email me directly at )

Bless bless bless us all,


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