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The Blessings of Beauty Magic....

It is with great happiness that I have updated the scope of my offerings in the Energy Work stream of my practice.

Recently, while working with my Team, and a very trusted, highly skilled Shaman, I was blessed to fully receive deep teachings and the final transmissions for several very potent, ancient healing technologies. These beautiful healing transmissions have been coming into my field for many years, and now they have fully landed. Through many moons I have been offering pieces of this to friends and family, and it delights my heart to be sanctioned to offer them now to the greater world!

The timing of the arrival of these gifts is impeccable, as always... Spirit is always right on time.

With all of the Lightworkers, Healers, Helpers and and Sweethearts growing weary, it brought great joy to my heart seeing a way to offer support at this time.

A little bit about each one:

Beauty Magic

This technology illuminates and reflects the Beauty that You are & the Magic that You hold, alchemically activating your capacity to birth the Beautiful Magical World that your Soul knows is possible. Tending to this realm of Magic deeply aligns you with your Soul's purpose.

Re*Charging of Spirit

The experience of living can leave our Spirit weary and tired. Through the ancient technologies of Love and Light I offer a sanctuary for the part of your Spirit that needs to rest and re*charge . This tranquil ceremony can be done in silence or voice can be given to the transmissions of healing being offered.

Soul Mending

Working with the ancient technologies of Sacred Geometry and Star Medicine, Souls can be mended with loving care. This potent offering can gently bring peaceful renewal to a ravaged Soul. This will be the last of the three to fully launch, as I am still in apprenticeship.

I bow low with profound gratitude to the Love and Light that holds us all with so much care. So humbled and delighted to be in service to Love.

Sending many blessings and much love your way,


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