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Seeing in the Dark...

Owl Medicine.

Revered and much beloved, this sacred animal ally is a reliable companion of the Medicine Women of Northern Peru... In the teachings I've received, She comes when the Medicine Women need help "seeing in the dark". I can feel the presence of this beautiful being, shimmering so very close to us at this time.

Despite the imminent dawning of Spring, and some shifts in the social & political landscape, what I am hearing from many is that their (our) eyes are straining, their (0ur) backs aching under the "load", they (we) are feeling exhausted, broken down, and stripped bare. Feeling saturated with sorrow & grief, with many tears so very close to the surface, even when (or especially when) in the presence of Beauty. They are navigating in the Dark. This is mingled with exasperation, and a level of brokenhearted despair, despite what they know to be true.

What is known to be True... Gnosis


Known in the Heart

Known in the sacred vessel that is our Body

Known through Soul, Individual and Collective

Love, Peace, Kindness, Freedom, Sovereignty, Joy, Grace, Harmony, Beauty, Mercy, Light.

The timeless, galactic Truth is coming up alongside some deep distortions, gaslighting at unprecedented levels, not to mention aggressive fear mongering. The pitch of confusion, division, and disparity is at a lifetime high for many. The accumulative weight of the long arc is bearing down in such a way that that it feels downright brutal. Many are starting to conclude it is "too much", & seem no longer able to ignore the crushing of their own tender hearts.

There is a feeling about this part of our journey. When what you carry seems somehow at it's heaviest. Little seems longer than the last mile of an epic journey. When you know "home" is a curve or two down the path and you can almost see it, feel it, hear the comforting sounds of it.

Bones and feet weary, heart and mind heavy... we've walked a long while friends. If you are feeling like all you want is to land safely at home and rest a while, you would not be alone.

And, as it is said, it is always darkest before the dawn.

This part wells tears in my eyes for us all....

Thank Goddess we are not alone on this most arduous part of the journey.

As we walk this part of our path I see many "helpers" alongside. One of my longtime hero's, Mr. Fred Rogers, said "When I was a boy, and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me; Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.' " What I will share in this writing reveals a beautiful trifecta of the infinite facets of the Great Mother. And speaking of Truth, She is most assuredly here to help.

The Trifecta

I see an Cailleach Bheara, thought by many to be the Mother of God, as She walks, sweeping through crowds of folks, as well as with the lone travelers, gathering with deep tenderness all that has fallen to death along the wayside. She gathers with care, tenderness. Not flinching, but looking directly at what has died. She sees what has been held tight, clutched to our chests, due to its immense & tender value to our hearts. In her movements, close to the earth, tending with unparalleled reverence, She gathers up the dead, even when there is scant little but threads & wisps left of what was cherished. With the skill of the Ancients, She offers reassurance that she will bring the dead Home, which paradoxically means that nothing is lost. She does this to help us mourn and release.

I see The Great Mother Mary, standing with nobility and steadfast strength, weeping for humanity as a whole as well as each individual heart that flags. The Beautiful and Holy single tear that continuously cascades down her face, landing amongst the mantle that shrouds Her Heart. Her tears carry healing salve, and are an act of sacred witness. She is alongside in the moments when we feel most alone. Most decimated. Most afraid. This is where her magnificent Heart is drawn, as we are each held dear to Her heart. Through the release of her sacred tears, she offers herself as a holy companion, bringing Grace & Mercy to our human experience. Her Heart meets our Hearts, close up and in precise alignment. She does this so we can receive the warmth and sustenance of Support.

I see, Tuku, the Sacred Owl, silently gliding through the dusky light, often, just out of plain sight. She looks through our Souls with her sparkling dark eyes, seeing just what needs Her medicine. In near silent service, she sends this whispering on the wind, to meet our hearts, minds, bodies, & souls. She does this to illuminate our Vision.

She does this so we can receive the warmth and sustenance of Support.

She does this to help us mourn and release.

She does this to illuminate our Vision.

Make no mistake that these Wise beings have any expectation that this will be easy or tidy.

They know about keening.

They know about heartbreak.

They know about the terror of "not being able to see".

Bless... They know because this is where they are called to service. If you are in these territories, KNOW they are alongside.

What I know to be true is that all grief is about Love.

Given all that is happening & has already happened.

Given all that is possible and could become realized.

Given all that I understand through the blessings of Shamanism, Clinical Theory, Traditional Ceremony, and Life Lived, I know in my bones that before we can embrace anew, we must first grieve and set down our beloved dead.

Then, we will have arms more open to receiving and holding and embracing what is coming. What is already here. What never left.

Through the guidance of my Team, and with the skillful help of colleagues, I am in the midst of planning some ceremony for the local community. Tentatively titled "Wailing & Railing"... a ceremony including the spirits of Fire & Water, that will offer a chance to lay down some of what we are carrying. This will be facilitated by clinicians/medicine women/healers, & held by community. The rituals offered will be informed by traditional Indigenous practices from multiple nations, the underpinnings of clinical theory, and the Grace of Spirit. Bless bless & with so much gratitude, I also have full comfort in the gnosis that the Great Mother, in all her forms, will be heart to heart with us.

Soon, an invitation for this offering will be issued so we can gather in service of our deeply loving hearts, so that together we can be Holy Witness to our own selves, and others in our community.

sending deep blessings to all and every one,


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