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Santa's List....

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Today is the 30th day of November, officially less than a month from Christmas day.... for many people , that brings a wave of anxiety & panic, especially around the gift purchasing part. What will I get for all the people on my list, how will I finish my Christmas gift shopping in time? And there are also those among us (myself chief among you) who despite loving someone dearly, don't know what on earth to "buy" for them.

Off the top, I would have to say that Love is enough.... and if you still want to get things for people, I am offering a couple of sparkly options for Christmas this year, that might help you solve the "gift list troubles" effortlessly. *And, these might also be a wonderful ideas for those beloved ones who were born in month of December and have gotten a LOT of Christmasy gifts for their birthday ;)

First,"Stocking Stuffer"

This offers you an option to buy a Channeling Journey for yourself, and receive one to gift to someone else. (this applies to all of the Shamanic Offerings line, but not the Therapy line... we can't buy therapy for other people, even/especially at Christmas!)

Second, "Secret Santa"

I will be doing a Giveaway in December through my Instagram account, loves_shaman. Folks can follow "loves_shaman"Instagram account, and tag friends who might also be interested . When a "winner" is chosen, they will be able to gift an Offering to someone they think has been "very good" this year. Details will be posted on my IG account in early December.

Third, "A Christmas Orange" (instead of a candy cane)

This isn't the most zzazey gift option on the shelf, but it is one that has deep value, heartfelt impact and a long arc of "gifting". Good for us in the long run, just like that gorgeous Christmas Orange. And, it's even more Secret than Secret Santa.... you will never know who got the gift, and the receiver will never know who gave it... except for me... I'll know, but I'm a therapist & your secrets are safe with me.

So, I know just a short moment ago I said "You can't buy therapy for other people"... and that is mostly true, particularly if it's someone you know, more so if it's a family member. When it's an anonymous"gift" that supports you in a time of need , the feel is very, very different.

Writer Caroline Myss talks about "Invisible acts of power and personal choices that create miracles". In her view, the most powerful act of giving occurs when we give anonymously. If you are interested in sponsoring a block of Therapy sessions (or even just one), send a note down the Elf line & we'll set up something magical.

Fourth, "It's JUST what I wanted!"

This gift is for you... just you. Not anyone else but you. Juuuuust in case no one else noticed (even though they love you very much) that you that you wanted it. Choose something from the list of Offerings. You know, the thing that makes your heart flutter, with joy, delight, or the excitement of the unknown. And then gift it to yourself. You deserve it, you've been very, very good this year <3

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