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Love .... A call to action.

Sitting in ceremony with my Ancestors last night, on All Hallows Eve, I received a very potent transmission regarding the current world circumstances and the month of November 2021. The Team expressed that this month promises to hold challenges and opportunities, so the wish is to issue deep support.

Long and short, it was about Love, it's power, and how it plays a critical role in the transformation we are all in deep contact with. It is a massive understatement to say that we are living in challenging times. Love is the way all of this will change, be healed, and bring us forward in ways most have never even dreamed of. My Team urged me to send this information out into the world, as we are on the edge of a beautiful future timeline.

The loudest part of their message to me was “The Time is NOW.” The time for us to act and choose love, choose one another & change the world’s reality. We are literally on the cusp of a brilliant, beautiful timeline, one that will blossom into a literal Heaven on Earth. The foundation of this new way is Love. Anything is possible, and all things that "become" require participation. So, we can express choice here, and the Ancestors have issued a very compelling invitation.

This is a call to ACTION. The Time is NOW. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help bring deep weight to Love, helping to anchor & embody Love in our planet, lives, communities, relationships, homes and selves.

My Team offered the following simple experience to bring a felt sense into the body.

Imagine being on a boat together. We all, or a good lot of us, choose to move to the left side of the boat. The boat will list to the left. It has no choice. We might then, just for fun, move to the right side of the boat, noticing the full, distinct, clear shift the boat will make. Feel this in your body.

Now imagine all, or a good lot of us sitting in fear. (division, hatred, anger, isolation, etc)

Be kind and only Feel this in your Body a little, or be super gentle if you feel it a lot.

Now, imagine we all, or a good lot of us move over to Love.


Let your body do what it wants & needs to do in response to this. Adjust, move, respond as you continue to soak this up, lean into it, notice more.

This is THE game changer; Love. Love is the Organizing principle of the Universe, and so when we amplify it, spread it, carry, hold and give it, things happen. Big things, beautiful things, good things.

My Team clearly showed me that this is how it will all shift, literally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This could be the core of "what is happening, the why & how of it. So, how do we move over to Love? Here are some practices, and I would also say, ask your Ancestors, trust yourself to know the best way for that beautiful heart of yours to beam it’s light into this world.

My heart was so buoyed by this message, so inspired I felt effervescent. I want to BOOM LOVE OUT TO THE WORLD. My personal invitation is for you to join me. Together, lets be Lloyd Dobler from the movie Say Anything and put our Heart out there honey! As far as I can tell, this is how Love wins.

(click on Lloyd for a link to the the scene, in case you have never watched this epic piece of cinematic romcom history)

Onto the practices. How many ways can you be in service to Love this November? Here are a few suggestions, and I deeply encourage you to follow your intuition with this.

#1 Love yourself

Sweet care 7

Practices you can participate in that will bring support for the experience of November 2021.

1) Daily PMT (Pachakuti Mesa Tradition). Stand facing the sun in the sky & call out to the Sun, or in the Peruvian tradition, Inti Tita (father sun) asking for the energy of the sun to come down and fill you up, restoring your charge, nourishing you fully.

2) Sleep, rest, nap, doze, be still. Take a minute or an hour. Find a sunspot and close your eyes, pause after a meal, or before... go slow.

3) Have close by a scent that lifts your spirits instantly. Fresh grapefruit, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, fresh air, fire? Find the one(s) you need and take breaks during the day to refresh yourself though this luscious capacity your body has take in scent. Ask the medicine of this scent to help you, guide you, refresh you.

4) Accept the help. If there is a way that something could be easier, let it be so.

5) Spend some time connecting with Nature… take a walk in the forest, look out the window at the sky above, listen to this magic gathered by the incarnate Angel of Listening Gordon Hempton.

6) Get a massage, have a bath, eat something nourishing, dance, walk, or rest. Do something to care for your physical body.

7) Laugh. “A good time for laughing is when you can” Jessamyn West~ Poet.

In addition to the astrology draw this month, I will draw for an Re*Charging Spirit session. I will also be offering two for one or half price on Energy Re*Charge sessions, which can be purchased for yourself or gifted to someone you care about. So you can love yourself by engaging in these practices, taking the gifts & support being offered, and many other lovely ways. The draw for the session will be posted on Love's Shaman, my Instagram page.

#2 Love Others

(I know, I can hear the Masters saying there is no "other", but just for the heck of it)

Who do you love? Do they know about this love you have for them? How many people can you tell that you love them? What are the many ways can express love, care, fondness or affection? (unconditional positive regard is good to, and something we can offer broadly). How can you show this in the world? Write a note, send a text, leave a letter, blow a kiss, pray a prayer, let it go, bring it back, give it over, receive it fully. Any and every way you could possibly be a living prayer for Love, do it. Say it. Feel it. Be it.

How many acts/expressions of love can you commit during the month of November? You might be inspired to make it a glorious challenge among a group of friends, coworkers, family, or community members? Or it could be something quiet, a covert mission filled with stillness, prayer and invisible love notes.

I have a feeling some of the ways might surprise you (& me too). Keep track if you like, journal or document your experience. If this appeals to you, we can gather in December to share, witness and explore what this was like.

#3 Back to you

One of the most influential teachers I have been blessed with said "get intimate with what you want to heal". So, in this case, Get to know Love.

What’s it like to be loved by you? What’s it like for you to receive Love? What do you Love? How do you know your being Loved? Take a deep dive, and get to know Love, inside out. Paint, draw, write, move, sculpt, sing, cook, create, make note, notice, be … curate an offering of and about Love. Read books, sing or listen to songs, receive poetry that help you get to know what’s true for you about Love.

We can approach all of this like an experiment, check it out, see what happens…. Make a LOVE Chore Chart & give yourself sparkling Star stickers. Have an "accountability" partner, or sacred witness. Choose to do one or all or create our own ways of being in service to Love for the month of November 2021. I will follow up with this and offer in early December an invitation where interested folks can gather and share how this went for them. I am also considering offering the gift of hosting a weekly sharing circle to support this. Feel free to reach out & let me know if you are interested.

A couple of beautiful resources that spontaneously want to be included, trust yourself to choose what feels right for you.

Ho'oponopono, Mantra Meditation, Hawaiian Prayer, Theta Binaural Beats

A Loving Kindness meditation offered by the beautiful Bhante Ānanda

The Metta Prayer

I am Loving Awareness, Ram Dass

Wishing you all so much LOVE, so so so so much Love... Glittering, sparkling, gushing bountiful Love. Love coming out your ears, filling up all your pockets, overflowing and flowing. So much Love that you may on occasion say "WHERE DID ALL THIS LOVE COME FROM?!?". Love that tumbles out of your mouth sounding like laughter. Love that floats in to your ears. Love that flows like water out of your eyes. Love that finds expression through your hands, arms & faces. Love saturating all you can see, feel & know & be. Love that grounds you and frees you, washes and warms you. Love that connects you and unshackles you. Love showing up in places you never expected, places thought possible & not so much.

Yup, so much Love.



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