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If you only do one thing this year.....

I'll keep this short and sweet (and extra sparkly). If you only do one thing this year, do this. Tomorrow, December 21st 2020, is winter solstice. As always, there are many magical things converging on this day, and this year is extra special. It marks the beginning of the AGE OF AQUARIUS!

This is a time that has been prophesied since before recorded memory, spoken of by Shamans, Medicine Women & Men, Mystics, & Oracles. Our beloved Ancestors laid down prayers for these times. We have the opportunity to tilt the scales in favor of LOVE. Yup. We can do that. With our beautiful hearts, our powerful minds, our free will ( which is evidenced by what we do with our bodies). Quite frankly, I've been waiting for this since I got here & I am stoked!

So, tomorrow, take some time to participate in one of these beautiful offerings or create one that is unique to you. Cast your vote for LOVE, for peace, for freedom, for happiness, for LIGHT.

You matter, your voice matters, your choices matter and your heart matters. More than you probably think it does.

You could be the One that causes the Love landslide, by chiming in, sitting in, leaning in, and making your unique and beautiful offering. It can even be as simple as taking a moment to be with & in that gorgeous heart of yours.

So, a genuine and heartfelt request from a card carrying Aquarian, please, tomorrow, cast your vote for love by taking action in some way.

Here are a bunch of super sparkly, totally cool offerings from some of the most magical beings I am aware of.

An offering that came my way via don Oscar Miro-Quesada

An offering from Steve Nobel

A StarMagic offering from Jerry Sargeant

An offering from Matt Kahn

An offering from Mother Meera, an embodiment of the Great Mother on earth, offering pure love

Or simply gaze into the loving eyes of Amma, The Hugging Saint and let her fill your whole being up with the love of our Divine Mother

Whatever you choose to do tomorrow, and all the days after that, I wish you and yours every blessing and much love,

Happy Solstice

& YAAHHHOOOO!!! Welcome to the Age of Aquarius


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