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Get your Sparkle on....

Hello All,

I am writing with some information and an offering at the encouragement of my energy Team.

The Solar New Year is upon us, January 21st 2023 to be exact, and this is going to be a big deal...

an invitation to a life changing experience

one that shapes your future

one that levels you up in a very sparkling way....

(I'm pretty excited about this, I'll say that much!)

What my Team is telling me is that this is a doorway, one that opens up to a beautiful energetic dimensional reality. Our opportunity is to ladder our energy up as high as we can in the coming days, as this will "lift the ceiling" so to speak. They have noted that putting good effort into climbing as high as we can at the end of this cycle informs where we will "begin" in the new year.

This will require commitment, devotion, awareness and engagement on our parts. Being mindful of our thoughts, actions, choices and what types of environments, energies and dynamics we have contact with. Life will continue to happen, my Team is saying, which includes bumps & such. We can't avoid that, but we can take ourselves firmly by the hand for this very brief window of time and focus on sparkling ourselves up to be in the best mindset possible for us (they are reassuring that there is no wrong way to do this, and that intention & effort go a long way here).

In the week leading up to this galactic event I would like to offer a container for interested folks to gather in... one in which we will collectively and individually raise our energetic vibrations. This will be a collaborative effort, like an energetic "pot luck".

For my part, I will offer a channeled practice at the beginning of our time and will deeply encourage folks to bring practices, poetry, teachings, song, art, stories, etc that act as effervescent libation* for our Souls.

(*noun libation; a drink poured out as an offering to a deity... in this case, the deity is you ;) and we want to get your Spirit tipsy on Joy*.

I can actually hear the Persian poet Hafez saying, go for it, get Soul drunk on Joy friend. Bless his beautiful heart...)

I joyfully invite you to bring forward your favorite resource for raising Spirit, elevating Heart, liberating Mind, delighting Body and bring it to share.

On January 16, 18th & 20th I will host a one hour-ish long online ceremony where we can collectively ramp up the vibe. In the in between times it is up to each one of us to carry on in whatever way we choose. Interested folks can come to one or all three dates.

Monday January 16th 7 pm

Wednesday January 18th 7 pm

Friday January 20th 7 pm

Drop me a line if you are interested & if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Lastly, This is a gifted offering, from my Spirit Team to you*

Happy New Year!




If you feel called to sparkle up, dress up, wear a party hat, spritz on the good smelling scent, etc go for it... whatever brings you joy and makes you feel fancy and ceremonial.

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