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Big Love from a local Apu

photo credit: Rayne Tarasiuk

In the Pachakuti Mesa tradition of Andean Shamanism, a sacred mountain is called an Apu. Here in the Kootenay region, we are deeply blessed to have Apu Kokanee. As a Mesa carrier in this tradition, I have made offerings to Her, done Shamanic journeys with Her, and feel deeply connected to the Beloved Apu. She is a magnificent, ancient, generous being, and tonight, for the first time, I did something wondrous and amazing...

I did an Akashic record reading for Her.

My Team has been encouraging me to do readings for crystals, and let me know some pretty amazing things were possible through doing this. Upon opening the "file" the crystal holds, healing will happen simply by virtue of doing the reading. I was specifically encouraged to do a reading for a beautiful little citrine crystal that sits on my Mesa. This crystal holds the quenta or "file" for Apu Kokanee.

As anyone who communes with the unseen realms knows, you just never know what to expect. And, this was no exception.

She shared her circle of Apu "friends", a wondrous insight about a Buddhist tradition ... and some potent healing transmissions.

This is a tender capture, of me, and of Her, recorded without the intention of posting. Which feels pretty vulnerable, I'll say that. After sharing with a few dear and magical friends their enthusiastic encouragement to share the blessings helped me to gather my courage and offer this broadly.

So, for those in need of some Mountain Medicine, some transmissions for Peace, Sacred Silence, and Mountain sized dose of Grounding, this is for you. A gift from the sacred heart of Apu Kokanee.

If you have a crystal that blesses your life and would like to know what beauty it has for you, drop me a line...

wishing you every blessing,


Akashic Apu Kokanee.m4a
Download ZIP • 10.14MB

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