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Amen to long arcs....

It is with a deeply grateful heart that I sit down to write this latest blog post... and with a good share of tenderness as well. This post is both personal & transpersonal in content, and speaks to death, loss, grief, healing, beauty, and alchemical transformation.

In the past month or so I have been deeply gifted by my Team, the beautiful gathering of support that surrounds me in this life (we all have a Team that loves & supports us!). This spring I could not have anticipated the beauty and deep completion that was just around the corner for me, waiting in the arms of Spirit, held by the Holy Elements of this Earth.

When I take a meta view, one of the themes I have noticed arising during these times is one of completing long arcing story lines, contracts, patterns, relational dynamics. Often with these large scale movements it is hard to see the beginning and the end at the same time, and so, for many, we may loose sight of the progress being made. It can also be hard to link what has already happened with what is currently happening, as we were not given an eagle eye view of our lives! With the help of our Spirit guides, we can see the Big View....

Many decades ago I experienced a profound loss... a beloved family member died suddenly, and in a tragic way. At that time it was absolutely devastating to me & mine. The impact was massive, and I often referred to it like a meteor hitting a small shoreline, permanently altering the landscape. Water was involved in this death, and for many years the enormous hurt I felt at the loss of this loved one was bound with the land and the elements that surrounded this tragic event. Fused together, the brutal and heartbreaking pain, bound to the element of Water, all of whom I love so very much. Over the past several years I have been deepening my relationship with this being we call water, learning, healing, and understanding more and more about all they have to offer.

In a very short period of time, and as a result of a complex series of events, I found myself being offered a direct invitation to be on the land and with the very water where the death had happened, the place that for years I held resentment towards. For decades I had successfully avoided being on this land, near this water, leaving the memory, and part of my Soul in that shocked and bereaved landscape. I am in awe of all the moving parts that conspired successfully to deliver me back to the land & water, in right timing for the healing that was deeply needed.

Having accepted the invitation, my Team suggested I engage in ceremony, and I leaned into this with deep faith. Standing on the banks of the river I made offerings, releasing the final remnants of the dried blossoms from the funeral service, fragile after decades of waiting, representing, memorializing. After decades of healing, holding and harboring, I found myself opening to this land and this water in a new way. With more trust, more openness, more curiosity. That feeling alone would have been enough. Tears, laughter, breath, prayer and blossom cascaded into the waiting, flowing, living body of water. I felt my heart open in a way it had not in nearly 30 years. The experience of effervescent healing moved through my whole being. I welcomed this beauty with much gratitude, unaware that there was so much more waiting for me. Creator would be meeting me, offering healing transmissions though the Water, Elemental & Stone nations, through the Crystal & Winged nations, through the Star & Human nations.

After engaging in this beautiful ceremony of releasing the last of the memorial blossoms, I received a potent gift from the Water. With sparkling clarity, the Spirit of Water showed me the part of the story I had not yet born witness to. Of the tender care, deep reverence, and exquisite Love that was present alongside this death. That although my beloved family member had indeed died, they had not done so alone. Among other Beings, The Water was there, surrounding, embracing & cradling this much loved human as they transitioned out of this life. Learning this fully altered my understanding of what happened. For many years I had blamed the water, and now wept at hearing a different telling. Like the Truth, as told by many of our benevolent ascended Masters, the Water did not cause the suffering, but was there, alongside, bringing Holy Witness, Grace, Mercy, Compassion and Love where it was most needed. Receiving this brought much by way of relief and healing for me, and was so welcomed.

My Team went on to show me the transpersonal view of what was happening. I was able to see that there is an energetic window open for us all... a window that offers us all the opportunity to bring closure to long arcs of story line, pattern, contracts & such. Required for this wondrous alchemical process is our willingness, our attention, our intention & our participation. Knowing that there is no wrong way to approach Creator , feel free to discover ceremony, healing, communion with Divine Love. Be open, simple, spontaneous, wiling, creative. Most importantly, be yourself.

What is it that you have carried a long long while? What is it that is buried deep in your memory, heart, body, soul, that now can be laid gently down, ready to transform into useful, helpful, light filled matter once again? What chapter or story line is right ready to end?

If just in this moment you were to ask your Team, your Sacred Heart, your Soul "What do I need to close?" what would you hear? If you then asked your guides to show you how, what ceremonial act, practice or offering would facilitate this, what would you hear? For the really curious folk, you can also ask your guides to show you a glimmer of what will come should you take action as they have indicated... what are you shown?

For many, we have carried long, heavy burdens... brokenheartedness, painful stories, memories that are exquisite, the weight of which grows the longer it is carried. My Team encouraged me to highlight that all can be transformed, alchemized, and sometimes in quite surprising ways. With the simplest of gestures, like turning our hearts towards our Beloved, God, Creator, Teams, or Love, we can heal, be refreshed, anointed with Loves balm.

These words are offered as an encouragement should you choose to engage. They are also offered with deep humility. For all that we have endured, all we still carry, and yet somehow, remain standing, hearts beating, hopeful & willing. I hope some of the beauty the Water offered so graciously to me, finds it way to you, bringing healing, relief and deep refreshment for your sweet self.



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