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A Love so grand...

Last night, while in ceremony with my Team, I was shown something that brought awe, and relief...then loads of big fat tears for the beauty of what I saw.

I've been asking, as many of us have, "What IS going on?!?" and "What am I to do?".

What came through answered both questions for me, and my Team strongly encouraged me to share this, as it may help someone else also.

What I saw was a massive, monochromatic black, compressed, dense, gnarly collection of energy floating in the expanse of deep space. When I asked what it was, I was told that this is The ALL and EVERYTHING of Darkness. The Shadow, both personal & trans-personal, singular & relational, cultural & elemental. It is a conglomeration of everything we have rejected, all that we shame, judge & hate. The unwanted, unprocessed, unacknowledged, the unseen. All the things we deny, and do not want to look directly at. What makes us cringe, blanch, retract. It is what are afraid of, repelled by, turn away from in discomfort. It is the unsettling, unloved, unclaimed, & ignored. It is what we find disturbing and disgusting about ourselves and others. It's essence is "OH no, anything but that! I would never!, & how could they...".

Seeing is no longer optional. Collectively, we are witnessing the Shadow all around as Humanity engages in some pretty interesting behavior. There is nowhere to "look away", which is pretty intense and frightening for some. Shadow is rising into consciousness, being seen at the individual and collective level. What has been hidden is now wanting to be visible & this has a colossal impact on our world, systems, psyches, hearts and lives.

In that moment, I was shown the collective unwanted and it was so vulnerable. My heart was deeply touched by this. As a diehard champion for the Underdog, I felt so much hope surge through me. Compassion too. The Unhealed Darkness wants to be seen, which is why it is getting so "loud" in our world right now and it surely is getting our attention. It has been being met with a lot of fear, frustration, judgement, which, although a very human response, will not be effective in service of transmuting this energy.

As I wondered what would help, my Team then showed me a most glorious phenomena... the Field of Love. I will say, it was one of the most beautiful sights I've witnessed. The Field of Love was easily receiving this energy, with about a quarter of the mass of the Darkness already in it's territory. The Field of Love looked something like a Beloved Angel holding her arms wide, solidly, gently, confidently meeting the return of someone long awaited. As this body of Dark energy moved into the unfathomably massive field of Love, it was instantaneously transmuted into Light, and looked much like sparkling starlight to my eyes. This is where the happy tears started to flow like a river. It brought so much relief for my heart to witness. Love knows what to do with this. Love can hold all of this. Love is ready and waiting, welcoming the long suffering back into wholeness.

My Team reassured me that this is in no way a hollow platitude that supports a misguided notion of non duality. There will always be duality. Darkness and Light both have a place. This is an opportunity for them to be restored to balance & wholesomeness. There is immeasurable beauty to be found in an inky dark sky, death, the deep middle of winter, the tender blossom of spring, birth, the brilliant sparkle of sunlight. Part of this beauty lies in the contrast to be had.

Seeking further information I pulled a card from the beautiful deck created by Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Archetypes. Thanatos (Death) came forward and here is what Kim has to say about this card .... "it is tempting to oversimplify death and sum it up as transformation. But the true archetypal resonance of Thanatos cannot be easily assimilated or contained. Death is ongoing and omnipresent, an eternal response to the gift of birth. Witnessing the ending of another being, creature, phase or stage has deep consequences for the psyche. We are forever changed by Thanatos, as it sweeps us under its wings, making us relinquish control in every form. It leave a mark of ash upon our heart, signifying we have touched the cusp of the underworld and will return to the land of the living eventually, with more compassion and wisdom to share. This capacity is needed in our world. One who has faced the annihilation of Thanatos can face anything. When this card appears, it signifies an initiation into the Underworld. Facing Thanatos (Death) leads us to Aletheia (Truth)".

We are undergoing one of the greatest transformations in known collective history, and certainly in our lifetimes. Bringing this lens of witnessing through the eyes of Love could be immeasurably helpful.

This is not to say that what is happening is not scary, or hard, or upsetting. Or that we agree with what we see, or that we need to do or not do anything differently... not at all. I do not promote bypassing in any way. It is a truth that both can be happening at once and taking a seat in the upper balcony of Love, to witness ones self and others could bring spaciousness, relief and sacred witness to this most magnificent transition. The Team's specific answer to "What am I to do?" was this ; "Stay connected. Connected to Love and through Love."

As always, we each need to choose what we will do in life, and how we will respond to all that arises around us. Love has offered an invitation to lean deeply into their field, letting them do the heavy lifting, allowing us, as humans to simply look through the eyes of Love. Like one of my best teachers often says, "Don't just take my (or Love's) word for it. Check this out for yourself ... See what you discover".

Wishing you all every blessing,


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