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Energy Work & Channeling

As a channel, I am able to receive transmissions of information & healing energy from the non-ordinary and unseen realms. This is done through combining Akashic Record reading with clairvoyant, clairgnostic, clairaudient and clairsentient means (I can see, know, hear, feel and sense).  Information about current and past lives comes through with both metaphoric and literal meanings.  I hear messages for you from Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, Ancestors, Guides, Spirit, Angels, Power Animals, Animal Companions, & Starbeings.

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Channeling Journey

A channeling journey often consists of one or more specific streams of healing, as described below. 

With each process, I create Sacred space, open the Akashic records, call in the Teams to answer specific questions and see what messages they have to offer.


In this interactive session, the client can expect information to come through the Teams. I verbalize this information and check in with the client to see how it’s landing. I also check in to see if it resonates or if more clarification is needed.


Messages, healing, and practices/technologies are usually offered. Throughout the journey the teams will indicate whether energy clearing needs to happen, whether energy protection is needed, or whether soul retrieval is possible.

Why Choose a Channeling Journey?

A Channeling Journey can help by bringing information, practices, technologies, healing, and awareness to the client. Ancestors, Masters, Teachers, Loved ones, Guardian Angels & Guides make themselves known, which helps in every day life.

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Streams of Healing

Beauty Magic

Re*charging Spirit

Soul Mending

Energy Clearing & Protection

Sovereignty Healing Protocol

Some folks have experienced injuries due to having a vaccine injected into their bodies.  Some folks have not yet seen adverse affects, but are regretting their decision to participate and have this cocktail injected into their bodies.  The birthright of your sovereignty and healthy body can be restored, strengthened and blessed. 

The effects are immediate and long lasting... Healing can happen!

Book a Session

All individual energy work sessions are 90 minutes/ $150

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“I feel seen, inspired, and activated. I received some important pieces to support me on my path at this time in my life. Just what I needed. Thank you so much!”

/ Elisa S.
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