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Sparkling Engagements

As guided and gifted by my Team, it is my deep honor to engage in an evolving, responsive array of offerings.  Each one a unique combination, informed by the Love  our Starbeing Ancestors, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones have for us. 


Our collective Teams offer technologies, medicine, energy, insights and wisdom to best suit the galactic goal of healing, alignment and unity to our true and highest callings. 

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Joy Luck Club

Received as a full technological download, the Joy Luck Club is all about manifesting!



In the Piscean age, pathways to abundance were limited, hence the singular focus on gratitude as the key to manifesting our dreams. 


We are now in the Age of Aquarius, which means a grand energetic buffet of support is being offered and each different stream of energy has a different application and flavor. 

Within with the group, we engage with the quantum field, are guided through a simple 3 step process, and learn from 11 unique bandwidths of energy. 


Through the use of psychoactive questions alongside group discussion & contemplation, we broaden & deepen our relational understanding of the 11 bandwidths of energy, moving us ever closer to manifesting our wishes & dreams.

11 Week Group $160

Next offering dates: TBA (Spring 2023)

In the teachings I've received, how we ask matters. Using language like "What do I need to know about (myself, the circumstance, a relationship, etc.) matters. Aligning with bandwidths of energy discretely also maters, as each one has a unique signature.  Observing both aspects with clarity and intention opens the door wide and clear for our Team to illuminate information, prospective timelines, and resources that support our best possible outcome. 

Holding this with the Truth filled teaching that Great Spirit reads our Hearts, not our minds, is also helpful...

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Wednesday Night Lights

Wednesday Night Lights is a gathering of folks wishing to increase Harmony in the world.


In noble silence, we meet online for just over 30 minutes on Wednesday evenings. I offer a short practice inspired by my Team, we then hold a prayerful focus on Harmony.


A blessing is offered to close our time together. This is a non denominational gathering, free & open to all who are interested. 

Weekly, sliding scale

Next offering Dates: TBA (Spring 2023)

Temple Candles

Love Leads the Way

Join me for Love Leads the Way, a channeling journey with Love.


Gathering online, in noble silence, we will be guided through a live channeling session, receiving the beautiful medicine, healing, & teachings that this Master has to offer.


Although this is offered in a group setting, I trust that Love will meet each participant in a deeply individual and personal way. 

Quarterly, free

Next offering Dates :TBA

Paper Heart

The Holy Wild

The Holy Wild is an experiential shamanic group ceremonial process for reuniting with the Holy Wild that is our birthright. This experience is arts based, mythologically nourished and shamanically supported.


Through a beautifully crafted, step by step by step process you can reunite with and deepen your relationship with this sacred part of your self.


Through this process, a most sacred and alive piece of art will be created. No art experience or skill is required, as this is process oriented art making.

 Pilot Group $333
Next offering dates: Spring 2023

"Nicole’s vivid visions provide very meaningful personal insights and hope. She will spend gentle time translating what she sees for you and you will feel held in the arms of your true soul."

/ Theresa S.
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