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How can I be of service to you? Such a good question. It is my experience that plain language is lost in realms like this, and often jargony glamoring takes it's place. This is certainly not my intention, as I feel that it is respectful to communicate even the most complex of notions in a digestible way. Tricky business, when what we are talking about is of the non-ordinary realms, but I will give it my best!  So here's a little about what I offer and how I can help you.

Why Love's Shaman?

The name came through in prayer when I asked "how can I be of service?"

The response was simple and clear... Be Love's Shaman. 


Be of service to the Light, Let Love be your Master. 


This naturally led to being of service to healers of all kinds. Whether you've been at this a long while, or you are newly "birthed" as a healer, Love can be of service.

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How Can Love's Shaman Help Healers?

First off, the more trauma we clear, the more energy and power we can move through our bodies. This is why trauma work & soul retrieval is ESSENTIAL for healers. 

As for a definition of trauma, there are many...  Psychologists would say that trauma is splitting of the personality or psyche. Shamans would say it is fragmentation of the Soul. Both would agree that this happens as as result of trauma. When we experience trauma, there are parts of our Soul that fragment off, metaphorically "leaving the room," as we cannot stay whole and fully present to what is happening in the moment. Some of the things we endure are too much to bear, too much too look directly at or feel all at once. To stay would be more damaging than to leave. In the repair of trauma, one of our tasks is to call back and reintegrate the parts of self that have split off during these experiences. This can be done in a beautiful, sensitive way, welcoming home the part of self that has been waiting, paused in the moment of trauma. Types of trauma that cause Soul fragmentation include physical, emotional, psychological abuse. Spiritual and energetic abuse or attacks and shock can also be a cause. 

All of these fragmented parts of Soul can be gathered, reintegrated, and by virtue of this, healed.  It has been my experience that although sometimes these parts of Soul need some repair in trust, they all want to come back home to the Self. 

Soul fragmentation can present as loss of identity, PTSD, anxiety, depression, victimization and/or doing of harm, regret, shame, self criticism, feeling ashamed, rejecting our authentic selves, addiction, aggression, grief, physical illness, fatigue, and many many other ways. Soul fragmentation can be successfully worked within the realms of therapy & shamanism, quite possibly the best results come from a combination of the two.

Connecting to Your Team

As we grow, heal and develop as healers our Team changes. What I have witnessed both personally and professionally in this last couple of years is that it is changing fast! Collectively we are leveling up at a magnificent rate! We have access to our Angels, Guardians, Ancestors, Star relatives, Guides- our overseeing & ever loving Team- in more explicit ways than ever before.

Each time I connect to someone's Team, it is such a unique experience. Each one comes in and arrives with a specific energy signature that I share with the client. Energy signatures help us to recognize our Team; from Ancestors & Angelic Guides, to Animal Companions and Cosmic Kin.... each has a unique ID to let you know it's really them. 

Often Team members will offer ways or practices for you to connect with them and deepen the relationship. Members of your Team express profound love for you, wanting deeply to be of service to your healing, wellness and success! They also have tools, teachings and technologies that you will find most helpful on your soul's path. 

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What Kind of Healers do I Work With?

Love's Shaman works with many kinds of healers.   Here's a small, inexhaustive list:

Artists, Art Therapists, Astrologists, Crystal Healers, Energy Healers, Expressive Arts Therapists, Indigenous Healers, Naturaopathic Physicians, Massage Therapists, Mesa Carriers, Medicine Women & Medicine Men, Musicians, Paco's, Plant Medicine Carriers, Psychics, Reiki Practitioners, Sound healers, Shamans, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors, Traditional Clinical Therapists, Witches of all kinds ...


Not to mention the most common of all, the Householder Healer (they have a day job and are successfully undercover, but potent healers nonetheless).

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