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A a full-spectrum, multidimensional Ascension Energy Healing modality

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Are you a Lightworker, Starseed, Wayshower, Healer, Trauma Survivor, Lighthouse, Light Warrior, Lover of the World, or an everyday garden variety Seeker ? 

Do you value spiritual evolution and karmic balancing ?

Is it time to heal your body, mind, heart and Soul?

Would you like more harmony, ease, beauty and peace in your life?

Have you chosen to walk the 5d path of Ascension?

Marconics may be what

you are looking for...

 This beautiful and effective technology has been gifted to us by Spirit for the evolution of humanity.  Created at the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it combines all previous streams of healing, culminating in a full spectrum bandwidth.


Marconics shines like a North Star in a night sky for those who seek Quantum healing.


This modality brings healing to all of our bodies (subtle, multidimensional, mental, emotional, physical, energetic), allowing our whole & Holy selves to become harmonized, aligned,  supported and balanced through the process of ascension.  I offer a no-touch protocol in person and via distance sessions, with a sliding scale, ranging from $100-150.  Click on the sparkling planet below to hear a wonderful interview with Marconics creators. 

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