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About Nicole

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Hi! I'm Nicole. I am a natural born channel, a clinically trained therapist, and have been mentored in the Shamanic arts through multiple traditions including the Pachakuti Mesa, and traditional Japanese Jikiden Reiki. I am a descendant of the The Magdalene Line, carrying the Fire of the Stars, which is an ancient technology for healing. 


I would say that having a therapist who is a shaman, and a shaman who is a therapist is the BEST combination ever!  With the clinical underpinnings, ethical training, and deep insights into the human psyche, alongside the ability to channel information and practice ancient traditional technologies for healing, this beautiful combinations opens a wide shamanic field for deep and profound healing.

Born and raised on the west coast of Canada, I now live in a mountain town in beautiful British Columbia, finding sparkling magic in the wildest of places, and grateful for the community that flourishes here. I can most often be found out in the wondrous wild, communing with the elements, drinking in their generous gifts and saying Bless Bless...

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My Story

Weaving a beautiful tapestry of art therapy, somatic psychotherapy, shamanism and channeling results in a field full of opportunities for deep and profound healing. My training as a clinical therapist has proven to be a wonderful complement to the Shamanic work found in the non ordinary realms. I came to experience this potent mix as a result of my own life lived. With a significant trauma history, I spent a good deal of time in dogged pursuit of healing. I tried every kind of therapy one can imagine before stumbling upon Art therapy; considered by some to be the Shamanism of the Western world, as it makes the unseen visible. This beautiful door opened to a room where I discovered many things, each one leading to the next, each one more helpful, more healing and more wondrous than the last.

One of my earliest memories is an experience of information coming through the veil, seeing, hearing and knowing through psychic channels. Over the years this gift was covered in an attempt to "fit in" with society. Through working with Master Plant Medicines, a beautiful uncovering has happened. Blessed by the nourishment of Huachuma I regained the strength I needed to return to myself. Blessed by the crystalline clarity of Iboga, my gift of "seeing" was amplified, clarified and has blossomed. These Master Healers have gifted me in many ways, deeply aiding in the gentle healing of profound trauma, restoration of my authentic self, and healing of my body, mind, heart & soul.  It has been a deep honor and exquisite blessing in my life to work with these benevolent Beings and the Medicine Carriers that act in service of them.

My life has also been deeply transformed through my relationship with the Pachakuti Mesa tradition.  This wondrous practice has been so incredibly welcoming to me.  With open arms it has held my love of the Great Mother, Mary Magdalene, and the Holy Wild, embracing them, and me, effortlessly in this ancient Peruvian Cosmology.

I am guided by the knowledge that we are so loved, our Teams are always trying to connect with & help us, we are never alone, healing is always possible, we are waaayy more sparkly than we think we are, and that Love and Light are the grandest forces of the multiverse.

I received my first reading with Nicole 6 months ago. It was a huge awakening for me, full of new and interesting information, healing and vision.


I have since introduced 2 friends who have had their own readings. Each one was a life-changing event.


Nicole has a unique gift and a breadth of vision that I feel blessed to be able access through her work.


Thank You Nicole!


/ M.A.Holmes

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