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Shine your Soul's Light

Hook Section

Are you looking for energy healing, protection, or clearing?

Would you like to find alignment with your Soul?

Are you ready to connect to your spirit Team or your ancestors?

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I can help! Hi, I'm Nicole Tarasiuk, clinical therapist and shamanic practioner.

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Find a Shaman who's a Therapist and a Therapist who's a Shaman.

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Are you looking for healing of body, mind, heart and soul?

With training in traditional Jikiden Reiki, as well as  being a descendant of the Magdalen line (one who carries the Light of the Stars in her hands), I may be of service to you along your journey towards healing. 

I also offer a Sovereignty Healing protocol for individuals who have experienced vaccine injuries &/or are regretting their choice to participate.

For more information or to book a healing session (online or distance), email me directly

Work With Me

It is with reverence and delight that I find myself collaborating with those seeking healing. Together, we create a shamanic field, a sacred container, a place of safety & care, so that you can do the healing that will best serve your needs. Consent, transparency and empowerment are essential. You are the driver of this process, and I will hand you as many tools as possible, illuminating & reflecting back your own innate knowing/skills/wisdom. Like a good Sherpa, I am there holding the light to illuminate the pathway you are traveling. I have a broad range of tools to offer, and do so with humility & care for those I serve. Some folks choose the avenue of Energy work & Shamanic Arts, others that of Expressive Arts Therapy. Both are sacred fields, full of rich opportunities to know oneself, heal and grow. Together we navigate a process, making many choices along the way. This results in a beautiful & unique unfolding, an irreplaceable journey of healing. 

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Shamanic Arts Therapy

Shamanic Arts Therapy is a potent combination of traditional Expressive Arts Therapy & Somatic Psychotherapy combined with Shamanic Arts processes & intuitive channeling. I offer sacred witnessing, a shamanic lens, and therapeutic holding as you explore your chosen theme. 

Energy Work & Channeling

As a channel, I am able to receive transmissions of information & healing energy from the non-ordinary and unseen realms. This is done through combining Akashic Record reading with clairvoyant, clairgnostic, clairaudient and clairsentient means (I can see, know, hear, feel and sense). Information about current and past lives comes through with both metaphoric and literal meanings. 

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Sparkling Engagments

Guided by my Team, I become aware of unique offerings that help us grow and heal, offerings that are in service of Love, Light and our collective highest good. 


These offerings change & grow, step forward & also step back.  Some are free, some fee for service.  This is a  place to check out what is being freshly offered...

This is where you will find Love Leads the Way, The Joy Luck Club, The Holy Wild, as well as The Sacred Heart Ceremony....

"Nicole has a wonderful intuitive gift. Her session deeply touched me and brought insight to situations that I was unable to access through other modalities...”

/ Eva
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